Teens learn reality of distracted driving

DULUTH, MN– Virtual reality hit home the dangers of distracted driving Thursday for a group of Duluth high school students.

The P.E.E.R.S. Foundation is a non-profit.

They go from school to school across the country, using a simulator to show how dangerous texting and driving can be.

They also showed students a gut-wrenching PSA.

“We get their speed up to about 30 miles per hour and then we throw some distractions at them. We will ask them to get on their cell phones and get on Snapchat, look up something on Google Maps. Just to show them how quickly things go wrong when they are distracted on their cell phones,” said Julie Petrowski with the P.E.E.R.S. Foundation.

Students were also asked to sign a pledge saying they will stay off their phones while driving.