Students learn about distracted driving through simulator

SAGINAW TWP, Mich. – Distracted driving can come in many different forms.

You can be distracted by a friend, or your cell phone.

According to Michigan State Police data, of the more than 540-thousand crashes in 2017 about 65-hundred of them were caused by drivers distracted by their a device or their passenger.

Tuesday, the Peers Foundation was at Heritage High School in Saginaw Township to help teach kids about distracted driving.

The kids got a hands-on chance take the augmented distracted driving education simulator for a drive.

Julie Piotrowski with the Peers Foundation said, “Some of them will take away that they will not text and drive. So, maybe hopefully they will save a couple lives.”

The Peers Foundation and General Motors have teamed up to bring the program to more than 100 schools across Michigan in 2019.