Simulator highlights danger of distracted driving at Clay HS

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) – In many states, laws are being passed to ban texting while driving.

A partnership between the PEERS Foundation and State Farm Insurance has allowed advanced distracted driving simulations to travel across the country.

On Tuesday, the simulator made a stop at Clay High School in South Bend. The simulation features eye-tracking software and augmented reality.

“It’s not even just about being distracted by your phone. We even teach the fact that if you reach for a water bottle,” road crew leader Orland Estrada said. “People are reading books, putting on makeup. They’re changing the radio station. When they reach for something, their left hand turns with them and they go into a ditch, so it’s really more than just being distracted by holding something in your hand.”

The simulator will also make stops in Terre Haute and Fort Wayne this week.