Vaping Awareness & Nicotine Prevention

Vaping Prevention

Vaping Awareness & Nicotine Prevention Game Show

The PEERS Foundation’s “Reality Check” Vaping Awareness & Nicotine Prevention Game Show brings an exciting yet informative, hands-on event in a game show format to your school.

This event aims to raise awareness about the rise in smoking e-cigarettes such as JUUL, while giving participants the tools and knowledge to avoid falling victim to this national epidemic.

The death toll for vaping is rising, with 42 dead from vape related lung diseases according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. learn more

In 2016, we saw a 50 year low of tobacco and nicotine use by teens. Because of vaping, we now have completely reversed that trend which took 20 years to get down to a 50 year low.

Vaping can lead to:

Nicotine Poisoning – The amount of nicotine in a cartridge of vape fluid is equal to that of an entire pack of cigarettes. If inhaled in a short period of time this can lead to the user experience the effects of nicotine poisoning.
Inhalation of Toxic Substances – Although lower than cigarettes, most vape devices contain toxic substances that enter the lungs while inhaling.
Impaired Brain Development – Teen years and young adulthood are critical for brain development. Nicotine in any form, including vapes, increases the risk of long-lasting effects.

“Nearly 1 in 3 high school seniors tried vaping in the past year. With advertising geared toward teens and young adults, devices designed to attract attention and thousands of flavors to choose from, the expectation is that growth will continue.”


Reality Check: Vaping Awareness & Nicotine Prevention Program is a program that raises awareness of how smoking e-cigarettes can manifest into addiction and health issues. Participants will have an opportunity to interact with the latest tools used in educating and creating awareness around this topic. Reality Check uses an interactive, team building, game show format designed to enlighten students of all ages. The program is delivered via a full school assembly in an auditorium or gymnasium, utilizing an authentic, Hollywood style game show set. Attendees are put on teams where they pick a team name, use remote controls to answer questions about vaping and its hazards, and perform fun stunts to highlight the intersection of physical and mental wellness.

With a one-hour, live host, interactive game show utilizing a fully staged set comprised of 2-10’ rear projection screens, trussing, LED backdrop, lock-out style contestant podiums, and special effects lighting, the possibilities of learning are endless!

The content for Reality Check Vaping Awareness and Nicotine Prevention Game show was taken from the Center for Disease Control, Truth Initiative, Surgeon General, American Lung Association, Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins University of Medicine, National Center for Health Research, FDA, and Georgia State University School of Public Health, American Society of Addiction Medicine, National Institute of Drug Abuse for Teens, National Institute of Health.

Thank you for the wonderful job Mike and his team did. The students really enjoyed the presentation. I heard many positive comments and they seemed very engaged. I also appreciate the fact that your team did a great job being on time and setting up.
Kitty Farkas