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Nutrition Education

As obesity rates continue to rise, what are we doing to ensure that our nations’ youth understands the consequences of their decisions around eating?

Our innovative and immersive mobile museum exhibit shows participants the risks of poor nutritional decisions and the rewards that a healthy, nutritious diet will bring. Engaging interactive museum exhibits, along with revolutionary age progression software, allow participants to see the impact of nutrition habits in a side-by-side comparison.

We encourage young people to stay active, eat well, and rest well. A healthy balance of the three will lead to optimal health both mentally and physically.


DUI Simulator

While distracted driving collisions and deaths continue to grab headlines throughout the U.S., it is important to remember that Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of alcohol or other drugs remains a leading cause of injury and death amongst young people.

The PEERS Foundation is proud of its groundbreaking, state-of-the-art DUI simulator that allows teens and young adults to experience the dangers of driving under the influence within the safety of a Virtual Reality simulation. Participants sit behind the wheel of a car as they learn about the dangers of impaired driving. Participants will be well equipped to make the right choice after experiencing our interactive intervention.

Learn More about ARDDES Distracted Driving Prevention

We recently launched a new product and creative partnership with the Canadian company, E-Brake. The product is a cell-phone software that eliminates distracted driving by locking the device as soon as the vehicle is traveling 5 mph. The driver is only able to access music, maps, and emergency contact numbers and can’t unlock the phone until the vehicle is stopped.

For young drivers, the software can be programmed to receive calls from select numbers, including family members. We’re excited to announce and share this new, innovative product with you!

As an innovator in the field of Health and Safety event production, PEERS Foundation is continually updating its program offerings. PEERS is also happy to create customized events and content as requested by our partners, schools, corporations, or community organizations.
Each of our events is an immersive, engaging, impactful experience for the participants with content that is designed to educate and inform. Using cutting edge technologies, Hollywood-style set designs, and survey-based data collection, we ensure that lasting changes in attitudes and behavior occur as a result of experiencing our programs. In the interest of furthering the cause of preventing or treating the health and safety concerns being addressed in each program, this data is made available to our funding partners and other stakeholders.

Thank you for visiting our school and helping to educate our students about distracted driving.
Fred Crawford