Distracted Driving Prevention On and Off the Job


Distracted Driving Prevention On (and off) the Job

  1.  Policy – Why it’s important; Who it applies to; how to create it.
  2. Education – What employees need to know: how to make a lasting impact.
  3. Technology – What’s available: how it supports policy and education; which apps prevent manual cell phone use by the driver.
  4. Education – How to implement policies: which tech solution; what the ROI really is.

Combining informational and technological resources from strategic partners within the commercial safety sector, the PEERS foundation, a501(c)3. has created a one-of-its-kind, distracted driving prevention program for the workplace, incorporating PEERS “P.E.T.E.” executive overview, as well as its augmented reality distracted distracted driving education simulator (ARDDES). This program addresses the epidemic of distracted driving across the spectrum of commercial trucking and transportation, corporate and municipal fleets, heavy equipment operators, sales and service personnel, and government sectors. Anywhere people drive, PEERS foundation is there -working with employers, employees, insurers, and risk reduction professionals to support the goals of reducing costs, mitigating risks, and (above all) saving lives.

Thank you for the wonderful job Mike and his team did. The students really enjoyed the presentation. I heard many positive comments and they seemed very engaged. I also appreciate the fact that your team did a great job being on time and setting up.
Kitty Farkas