About PEERS Foundation

About PEERS Foundation
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Founded in 2007, the PEERS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to empower young people with the knowledge necessary to building healthy, successful lives by using innovative and interactive learning interventions. Michael Seymore, Founder and CEO of CEP Inc., a leading provider of campus entertainment for colleges, formed the PEERS Foundation to bring these educational programs to young people throughout the United States. CEP Inc.s’ years of experience in event design, construction, booking, management, and execution provide the solid base for the PEERS Foundations’ successes in educating today’s youth.

Developing and building highly engaging educational events is crucial to the success of the PEERS Foundation. Given the short-term nature of our interactive interventions, it is critical that they elicit the necessary introspection on behalf of the participants. We work tirelessly to ensure that every event features the latest technology integrated in novel ways – from our award-winning driving simulation platforms to our hard-hitting mobile interactive museums, our interventions are designed to impact and help participants make the right choices.

We recognize that the volume of participants that experience our events provides us with a unique opportunity to enact lasting social change. As such, we are dedicated to ensuring our experiences maximize the impact they have when they engage a participant. We use detailed perception and knowledge studies to determine the impact our events have had on participants, and we are constantly developing new and exciting technologies to evaluate the level of engagement participants have while experiencing all phases of our events. We also recognize the impact that new and evolving social media outlets provide, and we utilize these platforms when appropriate to further spread our message and reach.

Finally, the PEERS Foundation is truly grateful for all of its partners both large and small. From the countless individual donations and local partnerships in communities hosting our events to the large, national, social issue tours sponsored by companies like State Farm Insurance, AT&T and Toyota Motors, we would like to thank each and every one for their support. Support for the PEERS Foundation has lead to over 1.6 million interactions with our intervention programs over the last decade. With continued support from partners big and small alike, we look forward to challenging today’s youth to make the right choices for years to come.