LakeVille students get real-world distracted driving lesson with simulator

OTISVILLE — It only takes a second.

Students at LakeVille Memorial High School learned this lesson as first-hand as they could get on Wednesday as they experienced The PEERS Foundation’s Augmented Reality Distracted Driving Education Simulator, (ARDDES).

Filing into a storage barn adjacent to the LakeVille Middle School building, groups of students were able to try their hand with the ARDDES, which simulates realworld driving conditions and the effects distracted driving has on the safety of both those in the car and around it.

While only a handful of students have their driver’s licenses, civics teacher Dan Huggler said it’s the perfect age group to start teaching these principles to. While only a few hands raised when the group was asked if they’ve got licenses, and a few more raised when asked if they’ve begun driver’s training, each student’s hand raised when asked if they’ve got a cell phone. “This is a good group to target because they’re all either just getting on the road or in training,” said Huggler. “We’ve had a really good response with it.”