Create STEM Partnerships

Create STEM Partnerships
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The PEERS Foundation recognizes the challenge present in STEM education today. The PEERS foundation was formed as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) to help young people explore their potential to the fullest. For years, the PEERS Foundation has produced and executed thousands of life changing events that have tackled tough topics such as substance abuse, drunk driving, and distracted driving, amongst others. With our award winning events, dedicated professional staff, and years of experience the PEERS Foundation is proudly tackling the STEM crisis with our latest event, CREATE: Music.

Part of the success of the PEERS Foundation has been in our partnerships. With partners like State Farm Insurance, AT&T, and Toyota Motors, the PEERS Foundation has been successful in engaging teens and young adults around critical social issues. If you’re involved in making a better tomorrow for today’s youth and want more information about exploring the benefits of partnering with the PEERS Foundation, email us at or call us at (866) 949-7337 for more information.

Partnering with PEERS has many benefits, including:

Amazing Events

With decades of experience entertaining and educating young people, the PEERS Foundation knows how to create dynamic, engaging events. CREATE combines standards based education with the latest technology in a way that is accessible for students. Our events have a lasting impact, showing students how they can be engaged in successful STEM careers.

Turnkey Event Management

Our dedicated staff can handle all aspects of an event from preliminary planning and logistics through post event reporting. With an in-house design and development team, the PEERS Foundation is capable of customizing our events to help reinforce your social message. From creative ideation through event execution, the PEERS Foundation can manage it all, allowing you to focus on your social mission.

Professional Event Staffing

Our Brand Ambassadors are second to none. Each of our expertly-trained Brand Ambassadors are committed to helping today’s youth reach their full potential. With years of experience representing global brands, our Brand Ambassadors can successfully help your organization impact thousands of young people each year.

Data Driven Results

The PEERS Foundation uses advanced data collection and metrics to ensure that we are continuously improving and making a greater impact amongst today’s youth. Alongside traditional data collection techniques such as surveys, the PEERS Foundation uses and develops new tools to verify the impact of our social programs. This data provides a wealth of information that our partners can use to further their social impact.