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CREATE: Music consists of four highly interactive, educational labs where students learn about the relationship between STEM and music. This innovative, interactive technique allows all students to be engaged in a unique way.

In this interactive Design Lab, students explore how design constraints shape and form music. From song and scale structure, to instrument timbre and volume, design shapes our musical experiences. Students also design and customize their own musical instrument to be fabricated on site.

In the Prototype Lab, students learn about various manufacturing techniques and their various applications. The models customized by the students from the design lab are then printed on site by our 3D printers. At the end of the day, each student gets to go home with a custom musical instrument!

The Engineering Lab presents students with a hands on electrical engineering lab. Students snap magnetic modules together to create their own electronic synthesizers as they learn about scales, waves, and mathematical modeling techniques.

The CREATE: Music Code Lab gives students an interactive playground to explore musical concepts like song structures, scales, and chords while learning to code in a visual programming language. Expert instruction and plenty of free coding time allow students to explore their interests in coding.